Rheological additives

Organically modified bentonite sodium in powder suitable for water-borne systems.

General information

TERGEL   EB  Rheological additive is an easily dispersible powder designed for lower-gloss, latex paints, textured and high- viscosity coatings. It gives superior sag resistence at low package viscosity compared with conventional thickners, as well as improved shearing-thinning rheology.

Physical properties

Composion                   Polymer modified to the free flow of powder

Color                       off-white,finely divided powder

Density                      1.76g/cm3

Non-volatile content            99%

PH value                     6-8


Reader mixed powder, mastics, sealants, dry-fall paints, high-build paints, plasterboard coatings, roads marking paints, textured paints and  the shower curtain paint.

Production characteristics

Rheological properties

Good lower-shear-rate viscosity

Excellent shear-thinning

Excellent suspension

Application performances

Efficient spray atomisation

Enhanced texted and stippling effects

Superior sag resistance

Good freeze/thaw stability

Colorant addition stability

Easy to use

TERGEL   EB additive can be added via a choice of methods. It is not shear sensitive and is easily incorporated directly in the mill-base or via a pre-gel before the letdown stages. Dispersed under the best condition for 10-15 min, adjust the PH value to 8.5-9.5, the standard dosage is 0.1-0.8% (by weight).

Health safety data

Before using this product please consult our material safety data sheet(MSDS) for information on safe handing and storage.

Storage  recommendations

Stored in a cool, dry place.

 Shelf life

TERGEL   EB  has a  shelf  life of 2 year from date of manufacture.

Quality assurance

Since 1993, the company is holder of the ISO 9001 / ISO certificate, which guarantees that all  operations are conducted according to the stipulated standards.