TERO is one of the world’s leading chemical companies in binders and additives. TERO was
established on 1993 in UK, and TERO man around the world develops solutions for society
based on TERO’s inherent strength in science and technology.

With more than 1,000 employees, we provide the service to customers and partners in many
countries of the world.

TERO is also growing its International presence through distributors and setting up manufacturing
facilities in important regions around the world. TERO TREE is now one of the most famous and
reliable binder and additive brand in the world.

We have reached where we are today mainly due to the close team-work of our employees and
due to our shared value system which emphasizes commitment to excellence, closeness to

customers,and the spirit of innovation.

We hope you find your association with the TERO Group fruitful and satisfying.